Monthly Archives: April 2017

The Great Dilemma

There is nothing that sends me into tailspin faster than someone telling me to dress casually for a dinner in summer. I think the go-to for most people when the dress code is “casual” is jeans, but when it’s as balmy as it was a little earlier this year, that’s the last thing you feel like putting on.

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Rainbow Vegan Cheesecake

Cards on the table… I usually have no time for alternate or imitation foods. It’s the vegan stuff that gets me. I mean, if you want a piece of cake, eat a piece of cake. I struggle with the recipes that use a whole heaps of nuts and matcha this, coconut that and cacao nips galore. Often I feel like they are so calorie dense that they end up being worse for you than if you’d just satisfied your cravings with a small piece of cake in the first place.

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Flower Crowns

My parents used to say I had ants in my pants. I suppose I still do- constantly on the move, always a little bit restless, and stuffing my life full to the brim. It suits the life I’ve carved out for myself, but have the tendency to over-do it, and when I crash, I’m usually completely down for the count.

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