Flower Crowns

My parents used to say I had ants in my pants. I suppose I still do- constantly on the move, always a little bit restless, and stuffing my life full to the brim. It suits the life I’ve carved out for myself, but have the tendency to over-do it, and when I crash, I’m usually completely down for the count.

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I’ve always hated having nothing to do, and even on Sundays, I tend to leave the house no later than 7am and rarely return before 6pm. Being like this can make it hard to relax and unwind sometimes, but I’ve found the perfect source of inspiration.

We’ve have had so much rain lately, which drives people indoors, so I had the rare chance to actually crack open and read this book that I came across when I was in New York last year called “How To Be A Wildflower”. It’s a little collection of activity ideas, places to go, things to make and inspiration to get out amongst nature and have some “me time” away from technology and the demands of every day life.

I wanted to rush out and try everything the book suggested: strawberry picking, laying in a field of lavender, canoeing, identifying constellations, making your own iced-tea, finding four leaf clovers… you get the idea. Doing most of those things is a bit of a pipe dream, but the one page that really got my attention, and the activity that I wanted to make a priority to carve out time for, was making flower crowns.

So last Sunday, when we had a perfect day to sit outdoors and enjoy the world around us, Bethany and I made flower crowns.

I cannot tell you how much enjoyment I got from sitting in silence next to my friend, the sun warm against my back as we made something beautiful. It made that Sunday one of my favourite days so far this year.

So without further ado, here are my top tips to make a flower crown work for you. I followed the general idea in the book, but with a few differences.

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1. Unfortunately I don’t live in a place where wild flowers grow in abundance, so for these flowers crowns, I bought 2 cheap bunches of flowers from the local florist (Mums and Lisianthus). You will also need strong or twine (I got ours from the local supermarket cooking section, but we found that the courser the string, the better it held), and a pair of large scissors that you don’t mind using on plants.
2. Cut the flowers off the main stems, keeping the individual stems as long as you possibly can. This is very important.
3. Layer the flowers about 3 or 4 at a time, so that each flower head sits just under that of the flower before it. When you get the the fourth one, tie it right under the head with a length of string.
4. Repeat, tying the flowers together every three or four all the way around until you have a thick garland, long enough to reach around your head at the desired spot. Tie the ends together.

I originally started The Professional Cinderella as a fashion blog only, but I’m finding it increasingly appealing to add a lifestyle aspect. After all, I think of myself as a creative person, so sharing recipes and little activities like this as well as my outfits seemed like the perfect progression. I hope you enjoy.

The next time you are bored, have free time or need to take a moment away from your chaotic life and just breathe in a bit of serenity, try something like this. It’s fun, rewarding, and the perfect way to have a technology detox and appreciate the world around you.

Heidi xx

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  1. You look so pretty! I can never pull off head dresses like that!


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