Peace Out, New Zealand

I promised you all one last blog post from our recent trip to the South Island of New Zealand, and here it is. When I last posted, we were travelling down the east coast to make our way back to Christchurch.

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As many of you know, Christchurch suffered notable and extensive damage during an earthquake in 2011. This makes the city a juxtaposition of architecture, with old buildings full of character and elegance beside über modern fixtures.

Much of the city is still in ruins, and it’s heartbreaking to see how much damage was done, however it’s still definitely worth a visit, and these are a few things to put on your itinerary.

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Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

1.New Regent Street is a must-see. It’s lined with boutique businesses in a heritage setting. You can expect insta-worthy cafes, amazing gelato (Rollickin’ Dessert Cafe) and pastel building facades.
2.The tram runs on a loop through and around the Christchurch CBD. If you’ve got limited time to explore this city, then this is my recommendation. For $10, you get unlimited rides for 24 hours, it’s hop-on, hop-off, and the drivers give you the lowdown on Christchurch as you go.
3.Christchurch Botanic Gardens was obviously on my to-do list. It’s no Central Park, but it’s still pretty and the hydrangeas when we were there are spectacular.
4.Punting on the Avon is the perfect way to see another side to Christchurch. You can sit back and take it all in as an Edwardian-attired guide propels you along in a flat-bottomed boat. It’s inexpensive and fun, and our tour guide was chatty which made a great experience even better.
5.Christchurch Dance-o-mat. Coolest. Concept. Ever. It’s a coin operated dance floor that is open to the public. Insert $2 into an old laundromat washing machine, plug your phone into the aux chord provided, and dance away under a disco ball as four speakers pump out your beats. It’s just a gap-filler as the city is resurrected, but I wish we had one. What a fun way to provide endless hours of joy.

That’s brings me to the end of our New Zealand adventures. If you’ve got two weeks, you love the outdoors and have a thirst for adventure, book your trip.

Heidi xx

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