How To Keep Florals In Your Wardrobe For Winter

We are so lucky in this part of Australia that winter isn’t too intense. Those of you who live in Northern Hemisphere deserve an award for getting yourselves out of bed in the morning in the colder months!






I have always been very vocal about how boring I find winter fashion- mostly due to the total lack of colour (black and grey just doesn’t do it for me for 3 months straight, I’m afraid), so this year I am working florals  into my winter wardrobe any way I can.

I love the depth and playfulness that prints can add to an outfit, and florals will never not be my favourite. Pairing them with different textures, such as this skirt and sweater combination, or adding an accessory with floral details such as this jacket or these shoes is a fun way to work some colour into your cold-weather wardrobe.






Dress, Zimmermann, Boots, Nine West (similar here), Bag, See By Chloe, Earrings, By Charlotte (similar here), Rings, By Charlotte and Pandora, Necklace, By Charlotte

Another option is to throw caution to the wind and go with bold, head-to-toe looks. Maxi or midi dresses look fantastic with boots and toned down with jackets. I love this dress and this dress, as well as this skirt and also this one, and of course this Zimmermann dress– all warm tones and beautiful sleeves- is my absolute favourite!

Who else is all for spicing up their winter wardrobe?

Heidi xx


  1. Retrocasual

    I love colours in the winter and don’t know why everyone insists on wearing drab black and grey. The florals are perfect


    1. I could not agree with you more!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I offered a “Heart” to this outfit on LOOKBOOK when I saw it. This dress is beautiful along with the boots. I find it beautiful to go with florals even for cold days. Flowers represent beauty and purity, and you are both with this beautiful dress and these charming boots. Lovely styling job!


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