Power Pants

A few weeks ago, Jarrad and I went and saw “The Book of Mormon”, and as the weather is noticeably cooling down, and I ALWAYS freeze when I’m sitting at the movies or in the theatre, I wanted to wear something that covered my legs. Jeans are too casual for a show, and I love wide leg pants (they look so chic), so I started keeping my eyes peeled for a pair I liked.


You guys know I have such a soft spot for pretty colours, and pink in any shade has always been a particular favourite of mine. I first saw these pants on someone’s Instagram, worn with a matching jacket of the same colour, and they certainly packed a punch. I’d been wearing so many pastels through summer that I decided it was time to switch it up a bit, and off I went to find the pants.

I originally tried them on with the matching jacket, and then dismissed that outfit. I’d only seen the jacket worn as a top, without anything underneath, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing that, although I do admire people who can pull it off. Instead, I opted for a structured, boxy white shirt to juxtapose with the flowy fullness of the pants.


Pants, Sass and Bide, Top, SIR the Label, Sneakers, Superga, Bag, Mimco (similar here), Earrings, Valet, Bangles, Dinosaur Designs

The next week, I had to go to Sydney for a day for work. I knew I’d be on my feet the whole time, so I’d need to be super comfortable. In the end, I decided to pack my new favourite pants, except this time with a white linen top, and sneakers instead of heels. I actually liked it so much more than the original dressed-up outfit, that I decided to share it with you guys.

Heidi xx

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  1. “Elegant” and “sneakers” usually do not belong in the same sentence. However, if there was such a case, it would probably be with this lovely semi-casual outfit. Despite the sneakers, there is a unique elegance to this outfit with this outfit combined with these sneakers. The blouse and the palazzo pants here are lovely. The platform sneakers are a very nice touch. And honestly, some chic oxford shoes, some brogues, or even some stylish pumps would also be fine footwear choices. Besides that, lovely hairstyle and smile as well. Sweet style, Heidi!



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