An Outfit Built for Style and Comfort

I chose the name “The Professional Cinderella” for this blog because it pretty much sums up my weekly wardrobe. From Monday-Saturday, I’m a ballet teacher who lives in Lycra tights and t-shirts, my make-up safely stashed in my bathroom and my hair in a practical ponytail, but Sunday’s are the one day a week where I can be creative with my wardrobe, and I’ve always taken full advantage.



In my early twenties, I was all about dressing up and really only cared about the way my clothes looked, and would often suffer through a whole day in an outfit that was not conducive to sitting, lounging or walking around in.
As I get older though, I’m looking for the same sort of comfort I enjoy in my work wardrobe, but with the polish and confidence that I get from dressing up on Sundays. I think that a lot of people are probably feeling the same way, now that we are all staying home so much more.




Dress, Morrison (currently on sale), Shoes, James Smith the Label (currently on sale), Basket Bag (here and here), Earrings, Lovisa (similar here and here- currently on sale)

Shirt dresses, especially in light cottons, are absolutely perfect for this. They can be soft and flowing, but that bit of structure and tailoring in the waistband and collar make them look a little bit smarter. If you can find one in a great print or with a fun detail such as statement sleeves like this one, this one and this one, that’s even better.

I’m also a huge fan of these James Smith mules. I have them in 2 different colours, and they are my current go-to weekend shoes. I love that they are stylish, but with a bit of a vintage feel.

Heidi xx

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