How To Have The Perfect Picnic

One of my favourite things to do on a day off is to have a picnic with friends. There is nothing quite like sitting in the sunshine, enjoying food and having nowhere better to be. Between our puppy Rosie, who has major separation anxiety (so we like to be able to take her with us), and Covid-19 shutting down cafes and restaurants everywhere, I think I’ve almost perfecting the art of picnicking, so I thought I’d share with you how I do it!





  1. The Basket

Nothing says “picnic” like a beautiful wicker basket. I have a very traditional but empty basket (similar here and here), a small set for 2 that is perfect if you are just taking sandwiches out and a bigger set for 4 that probably sees the most use. You can also buy sets for 2 (this one is perfect for any guys out there) that come in easy-to-carry backpacks- perfect if you have a lot of stuff. I also love this one- perfect for a romantic wine and cheese at sunset. TIP: Look for baskets with built-in cooler bags.

2. The Picnic Rug

The perfect picnic rug is so important- it’s going to see a lot of use. I’ve found that a lot of picnic rugs (sold by outdoor and camping stores) aren’t particularly pretty. The Wandering Folk make the most beautiful canvas rugs (see here and here). I also love using coverlets for big gatherings as so many people can fit on them (see here, here, here, and here).





3. The Food

It’s not a picnic without food! I usually work on the principal of having the main lunch, fruit and something sweet. Sandwiches are always fantastic. Some of my favourite combinations are:

  • Roast pumpkin, spinach, pesto and feta on sourdough
  • Chicken breast, lettuce, mayonnaise, avocado and cheese on a grain bread
  • Mustard, avocado, tomato, cheese and hummus on fresh white bread

I also love this picnic cob, these antipasto skewers, this quiche and this summer salad.

For the sweets, you can’t go past chocolate chip cookies, brownies (these avocado based ones are BOMB), red velvet cupcakes or this delicious Lemon Thyme Honey and Almond Cake.

4. The Accessories

Some extra bits and bobs to make your picnic just a little bit better include:

  • Wooden crates. I found mine on Gumtree and they are amazing for getting the food up off the ground and away from ants (similar here and here).
  • Ice bricks. To keep your food fresh (here and here).
  • Berry punnets. SUPER cute and reusable (here and here).
  • A beach cart. The worst part about picnics is having to drag everything to the perfect spot and back. Since I got my cart, I’ve never had to worry about that. I cannot recommend these enough (here and here).

I think that’s probably enough wisdom on picnic-planning for now. I hope I’ve given you some inspiration and that you’ll get outdoors and enjoy your own picnic soon.

Heidi xx




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