When I was 14, I moved away from my family to the Gold Coast to study ballet full-time. During my first year of study I lived with a few different homestay families. At ballet I made friends with another girl- an only child whose family had also moved to the Gold Coast for her dance training.

After numerous sleepovers at her house, my friend’s parents invited me to move in with them. Lucy was a total fashionista. I still remember going to her house for the first time in my uniform of jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers, and looking at her wardrobe. She was always dressed so beautifully, she put combinations of clothes together that I hadn’t even seen before and she could pick things out in a shop that I certainly wouldn’t have given a second glance to.

I became Lucy’s pet project/personal Barbie doll. She’d dress me up when we went places, lent me her magazines (I had never owned anything other than a dance magazine before) and slowly but surely, she taught me how to have fun playing with clothes and putting together outfits.

I loved every minute of the 12 months I lived with Lucy and her parents, and when I moved out, everything that she’d taught me and introduced me to stuck like glue. Apart from ballet, fashion was my new-found passion.

Fast forward to the present day and I am now a full-time ballet teacher to elite students, with my own studio. In 2013 I moved in with my sister Chelsey, who had moved to the Gold Coast to study journalism at university. 

The Professional Cinderella was founded in November 2014 by Chelsey and I. When Chelsey first approached me with the idea, I knew nothing about blogging. After a bit of research the idea began to appeal to me. I love all things creative and I see this blog as another outlet for me to express that. The Professional Cinderella is great for us because it combines my love of fashion with Chelsey’s love of photography. 

Heidi xx


  1. Lucy

    Oh my goodness you’re too lovely. Some of my favorite memories are briefly mentioned in this gorgeous outlay of where your gorgeous blog has grown from. Love X.


  2. venkat

    Beautiful Look


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