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Get Co-ordinated

There are some trends that I really lament ending. I can anticipate such strong feelings when co-ords go out of fashion. Do you ever buy a top or bottom that you just LOVE, but then can’t figure out what you should pair it with? Co-ords solve all those problems, and tend to be cute as…

Ruffles and Sneakers

Hi everyone! I’m sorry for my absence and lack of posts. It’s just that time of year when everything is happening and sometimes priorities have to shift to accommodate it all. In my last post I shared with you a peach jumpsuit that I was absolutely obsessing over, and this week I’ve found a piece…

La Dolce Vita

I really have a thing for lemon print on fabric. It’s cute, fresh and generally reminds me of photos I have seen of Italy. Lemons seem to go hand-in-hand with beautifully tiled walls and the postcard-perfect rainbow towns that run along the Amalfi Coast.