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Little Black and Gold Dress

There is something about the combination of black and gold that really ups the ante. It’s instant glamour, a timeless combination, and can make your entire outfit really special. I thought I’d added the perfect LBD to my wardrobe earlier this year, but when I stumbled across this one with a touch of gold embellishment,…

Just Add More

I love playing with colour, but sometimes I just have those days where I think adding another colour to the palette won’t work. Looking for something on the opposite side of the spectrum clashes, and even something tonal draws attention away from the pieces you are trying to highlight.

A Little Bit Fancy

I love traditions. We all have them- from the mundane to the downright ridiculous. I mean every family has a slight variation on the way they celebrate Christmas and when I was growing up we had a Sunday bacon-and-egg breakfast tradition. Though I think my favourite tradition so far is one that I started with…

Option #2

If you had told me even a year ago that I would own a black leather dress, I would have laughed and made a bet with you that pigs would fly past my window before you found one in my wardrobe. But the day has arrived. Have I succumbed to the latest trend? No, it’s…

New Lengths

I had the most wonderful dinner the other night. Adeline and I had decided to eat out in celebration of a wonderful first week back at work, and in typical Heidi fashion, I’d gotten a little carried away when getting dressed and ended up going a bit past the “casual-dinner-with-your-practically-little-sister” mark.