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Do Flowers With Pandora

Can you remember the last time someone bought you flowers and how it made you feel? I bet a lot of women can remember the first time they ever received them. For me, there is nothing that says love, appreciation, congratulations, romance, condolences or thoughtfulness like flowers.

Flower Crowns

My parents used to say I had ants in my pants. I suppose I still do- constantly on the move, always a little bit restless, and stuffing my life full to the brim. It suits the life I’ve carved out for myself, but have the tendency to over-do it, and when I crash, I’m usually…

La Vie En Rose

Have you ever translated the lyrics to Edith Piaf’s signature song “La Vie En Rose”? The French on its own is remarkably romantic, but what really makes you melt is understanding exactly what that earthy voice of hers is saying. Not only does it convey the feelings soft happiness and giddy optimism, this song (popularised…