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Let Them Eat Cake

I am a lychee fiend. I grew up in tropical North Queensland, where farmers would sell bulging bags of the fruit on the side of the road. For the six weeks or so a year that lychees are in season, I can almost feel callouses forming on my fingers from the amount of lychee skins I peel. I’m often rapped over the knuckles by my Dad for being so greedy. But there is no better feeling that sitting in the hot sun, with a huge bowl between your knees, juice dripping all over your chin and hands, and that burst of sweetness on your tongue when you first pierce the skin of the fruit.

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Do Flowers With Pandora

Can you remember the last time someone bought you flowers and how it made you feel? I bet a lot of women can remember the first time they ever received them. For me, there is nothing that says love, appreciation, congratulations, romance, condolences or thoughtfulness like flowers.

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