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InVESTigating An Alternative To Coats

Does anyone else ever get completely fed up with how heavy winter coats can be? And have you ever found it super awkward to eat or do things with your hands because the cuffs get in the way? Maybe I’m the only one, but sometimes I feel almost suffocated by my layers and I crave for the cold on just a little bit of my skin.

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Cold Shoulders and Flares

Has anyone seen that video that was circulating Facebook a while ago? The one about active-wear? If you were lucky enough to miss it, I’ll quickly re-cap. It was a bunch of women wearing their gym clothes in every scenario apart from at the gym: shopping, coffee with friends,movies, the list goes on for a solid two minutes. The only thing is, for six days a week, this is my life to a T.

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Get On Board With Double Denim

I often look at the shows from fashion weeks around the globe and wonder to myself: are trends even really a “thing” anymore? There are military inspired collections alongside uber feminine pieces, pastels one show and dark, moody colours the next.

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