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How To Have The Perfect Picnic

One of my favourite things to do on a day off is to have a picnic with friends. There is nothing quite like sitting in the sunshine, enjoying food and having nowhere better to be. Between our puppy Rosie, who has major separation anxiety (so we like to be able to take her with us),…

Do Flowers With Pandora

Can you remember the last time someone bought you flowers and how it made you feel? I bet a lot of women can remember the first time they ever received them. For me, there is nothing that says love, appreciation, congratulations, romance, condolences or thoughtfulness like flowers.


Let me start this blog post by saying that we have ALL made mistakes. Some of them are catastrophic mistakes (like the time I decided to cut my own fringe in Singapore), and others are minor misdemeanours (like wearing matching overalls to the shopping centre with your best friend).  Either way, when I look back over the…