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Total Keeper

Who else has trouble relaxing at home in the clothes that they go out in? It can’t only be me. Jeans are too stiff, if I’ve ironed it to go out in then I’m definitely not comfortable flopping on the couch or cooking a meal in it, sometimes the waist is too tight, or the buttons annoy me… What does it boils down to? Unless I’m wearing pyjamas, sweat pants or a t-shirt that definitely belongs in the rag pile, I don’t feel 100% comfortable.

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Let me start this blog post by saying that we have ALL made mistakes. Some of them are catastrophic mistakes (like the time I decided to cut my own fringe in Singapore), and others are minor misdemeanours (like wearing matching overalls to the shopping centre with your best friend).  Either way, when I look back over the years of my life in terms of fashion revolutions, there are some epic face-palm moments.

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Summer Basics

I always hear people talking about their “wardrobe basics”. They go on about deliberately selecting pieces that act as the foundation to build a great wardrobe on. I’ve seen so many spreads and guides in magazines over the years, but to be honest this concept completely eludes me.

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