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The Great Dilemma

There is nothing that sends me into tailspin faster than someone telling me to dress casually for a dinner in summer. I think the go-to for most people when the dress code is “casual” is jeans, but when it’s as balmy as it was a little earlier this year, that’s the last thing you feel like putting on.

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When Comfort’s What You Need

I am constantly reading things about how uncomfortable women find bras, and how fantastic it is when you’re home alone and can go without one. Personally, I’ve never had such an issue with my underwear… but can we talk about how uncomfortable jeans can be? Denim just doesn’t want to go with the flow, and it’s impossible to relax in. Or how about fitted tops or dresses that are your food baby’s worst enemy? Or a pretty blouse that you know will crease the minute you sit down in it?

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La Dolce Vita

I really have a thing for lemon print on fabric. It’s cute, fresh and generally reminds me of photos I have seen of Italy. Lemons seem to go hand-in-hand with beautifully tiled walls and the postcard-perfect rainbow towns that run along the Amalfi Coast.

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