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Girl’s Weekend

Hi everyone! This is just a little mid-week post to share with you all the photo diary from my recent birthday weekend. I headed down to my favourite place, Byron Bay, for some quality time with a few girlfriends.

Spring in San Francisco

Hello from beautiful San Francisco everybody! I have only had the pleasure of roaming the streets for a day and already I am completely smitten.

The Places You’ll Go, The People You’ll Meet

I remember back to the first time I went overseas at 14. I diligently kept a travel journal with all my ticket butts, brochures and postcards. In a lot of ways I feel like writing about my time in New York on here is exactly the same thing, but it’s making me feel a little…

Flowers of New York

Hello everyone! I am writing this post from my friend’s loft apartment on the Upper West Side of… NEW YORK! This is my first trip to America- as per usual, for a ballet competition, and my excitement levels in the lead up to getting on the plane here were akin to my seven-year-old self on…