The Unicorn Dress

You know the feeling when you see something in a shop, or online, and you just know it HAS to be yours? I get that feeling an awful lot, so I try really hard not to be an impulsive buyer and to give things a day or so to mull over. When I saw this dress in my Instagram newsfeed, it occupied my every spare thought for three days, a clear sign that it was meant to be.

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Going Home

I don’t get the opportunity to go home very often, and this year one of my resolutions was to make it happen as frequently as I could manage. Home is a small country town in Far North Queensland. It doesn’t boast anything particularly unique or spectacular, but it’s the place of my childhood sleepovers, birthday parties and school excursions. My school, first ballet studio, primary-school-friend’s houses and best of all, my parents.

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Blue Jean Baby

Blue denim never goes out of style. I don’t know that there has been any point in my life when my wardrobe didn’t boast a pair of jeans that were well worn and well loved. When I was growing up, although you might see the occasional denim skirt or jacket (and boy, haven’t they made a comeback in the last few years), I can never remember seeing denim dresses.

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