Blue Jean Baby

Blue denim never goes out of style. I don’t know that there has been any point in my life when my wardrobe didn’t boast a pair of jeans that were well worn and well loved. When I was growing up, although you might see the occasional denim skirt or jacket (and boy, haven’t they made a comeback in the last few years), I can never remember seeing denim dresses.

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Wish Upon A Star

I saw this dress hanging in the front of a Scotch and Soda store, and was instantly reminded of the night sky. If you are lucky enough to have grown up or spent time somewhere that has little to no light pollution, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The sky is an inky expanse that looks like glitter has been thrown all over it, and the stars wink and sparkle like diamonds in a jewellery store window. It is something truly beautiful. Today I’m sharing with you a very personal story about the first time I fell in love with the stars, and why, when I found a dress that reminded me of them, I had to have it.

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Wonderful Winter Wardrobe

I’m a lover of all things delightfully feminine and romantically vintage. When I’m getting dressed in the morning, even if it’s just for my everyday errands, I want to feel as stylish as if I were wandering through a park in Paris, sitting in a wrought iron chair in a boutique cafe in Melbourne or skipping over the cobblestoned lanes of London on my way to the theatre. I mean, don’t we all?

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Colourful Coats

A good coat in winter can be an absolute life-saver. I’m sure you’ll all agree that there is nothing more uncomfortable than being  cold and having the complete inability to do anything about it. Considering coats are normally  among the most expensive items in a wardrobe, it’s important that you have one you REALLY like. For me, that means something unusual and with a bit of colour.

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InVESTigating An Alternative To Coats

Does anyone else ever get completely fed up with how heavy winter coats can be? And have you ever found it super awkward to eat or do things with your hands because the cuffs get in the way? Maybe I’m the only one, but sometimes I feel almost suffocated by my layers and I crave for the cold on just a little bit of my skin.

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Chicken Soup For The Soul

I thank my lucky stars every day for my friends. Because I moved away from home at such a young age, they were the people that witnessed firsthand my emotionally-charged, teenaged roller-coaster, the people who lent me literal shoulders to cry on, hugged me when I was successful and ventured into the wilds of the world with me.

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